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Sunday, May 24, 2015

Agent Locator

This application is designed to allow you to specify program specialty and state information in order to locate an agent licensed to sell insurance in your area. You may search by any or all of the following, entering as much, or as little, data as you prefer. Partial values may be entered into any of the search fields. However, the more specific your search, the faster it will be.
Licensing Search Criteria:

Note: Agents may reside or have an office in one state/county but sell and service policies in other states/counties. An agent authorized to sell livestock policies is NOT required to be listed as an agent to sell crop policies and visa versa.

Customer Note: RMA provides agent and company information as a service to our customers. All data displayed is provided by Insurance Providers operating under a reinsurance agreement with RMA and it is their responsibility to accurately maintain the information.

Agent Note: If you are an agent, and the Agent Locator is not correctly displaying your information or your information is missing, you need to ask the company you are affiliated with to submit your agent information to RMA. Additions or changes submitted by Insurance Providers and accepted by RMA will be available on our web site the following Sunday evening.

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