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For help regarding policy and procedure for the Pilot Biotechnology (BE) program, contact Virgil Ireland.

For information about the technologies associated with the Pilot Biotechnology (BE) program, contact the individual seed companies at their toll free numbers:

Monsanto Company(888) 852-8522 Biotechnology.Endorsement@monsanto.com
Pioneer Hi-Bred International(877) 746-6337 biotechnologyendorsementsupport@pioneer.com
Dow AgroSciences LLC(877) 487-2487 info@dow.com
Syngenta Seeds, Inc.(877) 476-2676 kelly.kuball@Syngenta.com

RMA provides access to this information on its website as a service to our customers.  All data displayed is provided by the Monsanto Company, Pioneer Hi-Bred International Inc., Dow AgroSciences, LLC., and Syngenta Seeds Inc., as applicable, and each is responsible for accurately maintaining and timely updating their data displayed.  RMA is not responsible for the accuracy of any of the data displayed.  The data is provided as a tool to assist producers and Approved Insurance Providers and their agents in the administration of the Pilot Biotechnology Endorsement (BE) program.  However, the eligibility of corn hybrids for the Pilot BE is based solely on whether the hybrid meets the definition of a qualifying hybrid as provided in the Pilot BE.

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