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eDAS in PROD is currently Online
  • RMA will post the actual gross margins for LGM within three weeks after the corn settlement date (March, May, July, September and December). These months coincide with all three contract settlements, swine/cattle/milk, corn, and soybean meal.
  • Dairy producers enrolled in the FSA Margin Protection Program for Dairy (MPP-Dairy) are prohibited by law from participating in the LGM-Dairy program at the same time. The MPP-Dairy program is a one-time enrollment and once enrolled you will no longer be able to purchase LGM-Dairy until the MPP-Dairy program ends or is modified.
  • If offers are not available on the RMA website by 4:30 p.m. CST of the sales effective date, no offers will be made for LRP Fed Cattle, Feeders, and Swine.

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